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dior fashion illustration by anna oh

Inspired by Dior Spring-Summer 2017, the first collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri, I created an illustration that blends everything I've found interesting over the past few months. This includes blending away glitter glue with my fingers, drawing with pens and blocking in colors I like in Photoshop. I usually choose colors very sparingly, but now I'm treating white as a color to be used sparingly as well.

I think this collection by Chiuri has a fantastic feeling and will only add another definition of what is "feminine" for the house of Dior. This collection is softer and masculine at the same time, and honestly, who isn't a sucker for embroidered sweaters? Some of the new Dior accessories were honestly a surprise for me, from what I'm used to, but they are growing on me. Some, I can't stop thinking about! (For anyone wondering, I used to be a sales associate for Dior in Atlanta. Every season steals a piece of my heart!)

updates for the shop

I will be making this available for sale as soon as I find a printer I like! I am being very picky about this project, but the results should be worth it. I have a few more goals for 2017, including Youtube videos and tutorials, Patreon and more blogging along the way!

xoxo, Anna

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