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A Little Marc


The moment I saw this beautiful pink eyeshadow look in a photograph by Svetlana, I knew I had to recreate it...throw in a dash of Marc Jacobs Runway Resort 2017, et voila. In other news, I recently purchased my first iPad and I'm beyond obsessed. I've had my doubts about digital drawing pads and apps until I got this. Don't even hesitate, get one if you are considering sketching on the go! I find that I work quickly and accurately and I can see it becoming a staple for planning my future drawings.

xoxo Anna


dior fashion illustration by anna oh

Inspired by Dior Spring-Summer 2017, the first collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri, I created an illustration that blends everything I've found interesting over the past few months. This includes blending away glitter glue with my fingers, drawing with pens and blocking in colors I like in Photoshop. I usually choose colors very sparingly, but now I'm treating white as a color to be used sparingly as well.

I think this collection by Chiuri has a fantastic feeling and will only add another definition of what is "feminine" for the house of Dior. This collection is softer and masculine at the same time, and honestly, who isn't a sucker for embroidered sweaters? Some of the new Dior accessories were honestly a surprise for me, from what I'm used to, but they are growing on me. Some, I can't stop thinking about! (For anyone wondering, I used to be a sales associate for Dior in Atlanta. Every season steals a piece of my heart!)

updates for the shop

I will be making this available for sale as soon as I find a printer I like! I am being very picky about this project, but the results should be worth it. I have a few more goals for 2017, including Youtube videos and tutorials, Patreon and more blogging along the way!

xoxo, Anna

October Favorites: Gold Leather Bea-ooties

October Favorites by Anna Oh Beauty Illustration

The short and sweet version: Re-launched my blog. Here's some things I have got my eyes on for October.

October Favorites
(in clockwise order)

1. Club Monaco Kapri Sweater ($229) A comfortable boy-meets-girl sweater for the cooling weather.
2. Pur Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick ($20) The perfect accessory that will last through every cup of coffee.
3. Anastasia Master Palette by Mario ($45) The only thing on this list that I actually own, this palette is one of the best beauty purchases this year. Every shade is perfection for the neutral lover and I recommend picking this up before it's sold out!
4. The Coveteur Book ($28) Fashion, photography and personality coming together in one sleek, hardcovered package.
5. YSL Babies Metallic Leather Block-Heel Booties ($995) I always love to include one naughty item on my list and these are the worst. Paint can't do these champagne leather bea-ooties justice. Nevermind that they will consistently cost more than my entire outfit by like, a lot. Also, I'm really impressed with this new word "bea-ooties" I just coined, heh.
6. Glossier The Super Serums ($28 each) Each serum is targeted towards a different skin concern. I love how simple and straightforward they work and I'm also a fan of how a set of three costs the same as one higher end serum.
7. Parker Monica Suede Skirt ($395) Literally one of the coolest skirts I've seen in a while. It makes a statement in a subtle, ridiculous way. If I were to describe myself in only one sentence, it would be like this.

And now is the time to share with me anything you've been loving or will love this month!

See you in the next,

Beauty Focus

I found a folder in my "artchives" of scans from my beauty product collages. While the collages give great visual impact, it's nice to see each element in focus! I took some creative liberty with the Josie Maran products. Using a pink notebook paper, I cut out shapes and drew around them. Her dusty pink packaging is elegant but it's also soft and natural. The next drawing is of the NARS Tinted Moisturizer because I had a mega fangirl moment with it a couple winters ago.

Beauty Product Illustration


Today I have a little group of products I illustrated for The Gals Guide. This is painted with mostly gouache and a little watercolor when I found certain gouache tubes completely dry. I'll be storing them in air-tight containers from now on to prevent this from happening--or you know, using them more often.

The products featured: Smith's Rosebud Salve, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, YSL Fusion Ink Foundation, Origins GinZing eye cream, and Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel
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